Sunday, May 9, 2010

Superintendent Hinojosa must follow Board policy

DISD E-News - April 23, 2010
District to Partner With Uplift Education (a Charter School Operator) and Teaching Trust (a newly created nonprofit organization) to Apply for Federal Innovation Grant

Dallas ISD Board policy CB (Local) (State and Federal Revenue Sources) clearly states:
"The District is committed to seeking outside funds from federal, state and private sources ...
The decision regarding whether to seek specific outside funds shall be made by the Board in consideration of the administration's recommendation, which is developed utilizing input from teachers, principals, students, community groups, agencies and parents."
Last Thursday we had a Called Board meeting.  No action was taken, but comments suggested that it was okay for the Superintendent to apply for grant funds without Board approval.

The superintendent simply has no authority to do what has been done.  That is clearly stated in the District policy on applying for State and Federal Revenue Sources.

Under the Superintendent's contract with the district, he is obligated to uphold and follow all district policies.

Board policy BBF (Local) - Board Members Ethics - Integrity of Character states:
"I will consistently uphold all applicable laws, rules, policies, and governance procedures."
How do you uphold policies and governance procedures when the Superintendent does not follow them?

The $5 million grant application was not authorized by the Board of Trustees.  The Letter of Intent was also not authorized by the Board.

Board policy clearly indicates only "the Board" has authority to make the decision "whether to seek outside funds"  - not the Superintendent. (CB-Local)