Sunday, May 2, 2010

Education reforms get a failing grade

A recent Dallas Morning News OpEd describing Chicago Tribune reporter Steve Chapman's article "Education Reformers Get Schooled" emphasized again that there are no quick fix educational solutions.   The record is that there are no top down one size for all miracles.

Education reforms get a failing grade -

The challenges of education will never be solved by undemocratic dictator models of governance, mayor take-overs and privatization schemes.  Public education is more than all of this put together.

The overwhelming majority of school children will always remain left behind in traditional public schools.   Diverting time and resources to false fixes will continue to weaken public education.

Public education needs to be renewed and strengthened from the bottom up starting with putting teachers fully in charge of teaching and learning and providing the freedom, flexibility and professional development they need.

It seems everyone wants to be an instant expert on education - anyone but the front-line teachers in the classroom who must meet the daily challenges of actually teaching students from all backgrounds, races, income levels, abilities and home circumstances - the good, the bad and the ugly.

An outstanding Florida teacher recently described it this way:  "I Am a Teacher in Florida."  Click Here!
"They come in hungry—I feed them. They come in angry—I counsel them. They come in defeated—I encourage them. And this is all before the bell rings."
"I am a teacher in Florida, not for the pay or the hardships, the disregard or the disrespect; I am a teacher in Florida because I am given the chance to change lives for the good, to educate and elevate the minds and hearts of my students, and to show them that success comes in all shapes and sizes, both in the classroom and in the community."
Florida Governor Splits With G.O.P. on Teacher Pay!