Sunday, April 5, 2009

Unity Read-In at The Bridge brings tears and smiles

We were honored to greet and host more than 200 citizens from the homeless population of Dallas at a Unity Read-in on Saturday, 3-5 PM. at The Bridge, Dallas' largest city shelter for the homeless.

On the pavilion at The Bridge, participants read stories, poems and essays. Some told personal anecdotes or gave prayers, words or thoughts which helped them to get by. We sang together and patted our feet to spirited music. There was laughter and there were tears--all emerging through smiles of enjoyment.

Some guests remembered "once upon a time" when daily reading and books were natural parts of their past lives with family and friends. There were others who lamented they had never learned to read and still yearn to do so.

Abundant appreciation to The Bridge director, staff and clients. Thunderous thanks to the community drummers for answering and sounding the call. Gigantic gratitude to all readers, speakers and musicians.

Special acknowledgment to the Sai Center for caring and for your acts to help all to listen and learn.

Our theme for Saturday's multicultural, international Unity Read-In event at The Bridge makes it clear, "We are one community."