Friday, November 7, 2008

Post Superintendent's Contract On Internet

Open Government Reform
(Note: What has been posted online is a Financial Report the District is required to prepare. (See Dallas ISD Blog). A copy of the Contract is included in the Financial report. The district does not have an established policy or procedure for direct publishing of the Superintendent's contract information on the internet. That is what is needed, not a document buried in a totally unrelated financial report. What is needed is to make the information fully known and easily found in a section set aside for that specific public purpose - including all such contract information going back to the year 2000. There is no expense to do so. To see the contract - Click Here)

The public has every right to know all details of the contract provisions of their public school Superintendent.

The Texas Public Information Act makes this information readily available to all citizens who make an official public information request and pay the required fee.

However, this is the day of the internet. There is no reason to keep this information from public online display when it can be easily accessible from any computer.

Dallas ISD is a public institution, and this information should be made immediately available to all citizens without cost or restriction.

Board policy should be revised to require all future Superintendent's contracts and all past contracts since the year 2000 to be placed on the District web site.
Proposed Open Government Reform
The original and all Amendments of the Superintendent's employment contract shall be placed online at the District Internet web site beginning with the year 2000. The original contract and all Amendments of all future Superintendent's shall be added no later than two weeks after being approved.
The taxpayers and stakeholders are owed this courtesy, and Dallas ISD should always strongly support open and transparent government.

Here are the thoughts of a few Dallas area citizens on the importance of open records:
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A Superintendent's contract is public information.
Texas Administrative Code - "The school district may publish the superintendent's employment contract on the school district's Internet site in lieu of publication in the annual financial management report" Click Here