Monday, September 23, 2013

Dallas ISD 2013-2014 Teen School Board kicks off the school year

Dallas ISD 2013-2014 Teen School Board Members

Senior and junior class presidents from several campuses traveled to the Dallas ISD Central Administration Building to participate in the first 2013-14 Teen School Board  meeting.

They are an enthusiastic, smart group of representatives!  

The Teen Board serves in an advisory role to communicate and address student concerns with the Superintendent of Schools and the Board of Trustees.  

Students are provided opportunities to further develop their leadership and communication skills as they become more familiar with democratic processes and public service. 

Two students from each of the 34 Dallas ISD comprehensive and magnet high schools make up the Teen Board.  

Anticipating a full year of activities, they may have opportunities to work with Dallas ISD Trustees, the Superintendent of Schools, district staff and community groups.  

As a group students expect to plan and implement a minimum of two community service projects. 

In addition to attending monthly meetings, teen board members will represent the Dallas ISD at district, community and city-wide 

The Dallas ISD Teen School Board is off to a great start.  

Jacki McFarland is coordinator.