Thursday, August 29, 2013

Jim Schutze of the Dallas Observer falsely says black board member Carla Ranger "clicked her heels, saluted and fell into line"

Black board member Carla Ranger had been a fiercely independent voice on the school board who often traded verbal blows with Blackburn and other black board members. But after Price declared Miles as Public Enemy No. 1, Ranger clicked her heels, saluted and fell into line.Hey, Mayor Mike: The School Thing Is Way Worse than a Simple Question of Personalities - Click Here - Unfair Park 
Well, let us see - "black board member Carla Ranger" - that is me. 

Just maybe I know more about this accusation than Jim Schutze.

Jim Schutze has invented the absurd fiction that Commissioner John Wiley Price influenced me to "click my heels, salute and fall into line."

What a falsehood.  

I was elected District 6 Trustee in 2006. I am now entering my eighth year as a Dallas ISD Trustee.

I have seen quite a bit in those years - good, bad and ugly. 

I know a little bit about the truth of what has occurred. 

Not once in my years of service as a Dallas ISD Trustee has Commissioner John Wiley Price or any other black elected official ever attempted to influence me in any way

Commissioner Price has never even spoken to me about any Dallas ISD educational matter. He has never called me. I have never called him.

Yet, without one iota of documentation, Jim Schutze has made a totally reckless accusation that is both wrong and dishonest.

I stand on my own decisions and every decision has been made by me and no one else.