Saturday, June 22, 2013

Superintendent Mike Miles' elimination of Chief of Staff position violates board policy BJCG(LOCAL) - succession plan

"Miles said he has decided not to name a new Chief of Staff. Instead, he has distributed those operational duties among his senior staff." Dallas ISD News Release - Thursday, June 20, 2013
Dallas ISD previously adopted a succession plan to temporarily replace a departing Superintendent until an Interim Superintendent is named by the Board of Trustees. The policy states:
"The chief of staff shall assume the duties of the Superintendent until the Interim Superintendent is selected by a majority of the Board."                     BJCG (LOCAL)
By eliminating the Chief of Staff position, Superintendent Mike Miles is violating Board policy BJCG (LOCAL) which designates the Chief of Staff as the successor to the Superintendent.

The Superintendent is also violating his employment contract that requires that all policies of the district be followed.

Superintendent Mike Miles has no authority to arbitrarily eliminate a position that is required by Board policy BJCG (LOCAL)

Who temporarily replaces the Superintendent now?

"Changes under the reorganization include:
Eliminating the chief of staff position, left vacant by Jerome Oberlton, who was recently indicted on federal charges for allegedly taking kickbacks in his former job in Atlanta Public Schools." Breaking news: Superintendent Mike Miles reorganizes cabinet as two chiefs leave Dallas ISD  -DMN - June 20, 2013

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