Thursday, November 8, 2012

Dallas ISD 45 Minute teacher extension adopted on January 26, 2012

On Thursday, January 26, 2012, the same evening 11 schools were closed and citizens were denied their right to participate in a Dallas ISD board meeting, Dallas ISD Trustees voted 5-3 to extend the teacher day by 45 minutes. 

Voting "Yes" to add 45 minutes

Lew Blackburn
Edwin Flores
Nancy Bingham
Mike Morath
Eric Cowan

Voting "No" against adding 45 minutes

Adam Medrano 
Bruce Parrott
Bernadette Nutall

I did not vote on this matter because I remained in the auditorium when the board meeting was arbitrarily changed to the small board room in a manner that appeared to violate Board policy, Robert's Rules of Order and the Texas Open Meetings Act.

Teachers have been complaining about this 45 minute extension of their day since January 26, 2012.  

I repeatedly requested that this item be placed on the agenda. My requests were ignored by Board President Lew Blackburn.

I would not have voted for the change on January 26, 2012 but the result would have been the same - 5-4 instead of 5-3.

I would have voted "No."