Sunday, March 25, 2012

Birthday celebration for Edna Pemberton

Edna Pemberton Birthday Celebration
The large community room at Southwest Center Mall on West Camp Wisdom Road was full of people, smiles and praise this afternoon.  Citizens and officials came to say, "Happy Birthday, Edna Pemberton!"

Her pastor, Rev. Bryan L. Carter of Concord Missionary Baptist Church, gave the purpose. Those who attended knew why they were assembled. Mistress of Ceremony Diane Gipson, officials and friends were there to celebrate their own Edna Pemberton connection.

This birthday celebration was an ideal opportunity to give appreciation to a beloved community servant.  It was a time to say thanks to Edna Pemberton for caring about and contributing to the greater Dallas community, not only through major challenges this year but during decades of past service. 

The Friends of Edna Pemberton Host Committee planned the community Birthday Celebration.

Thanks to you, Edna Pemberton, for the many ways you help the community, including  students, parents and public schools.

Happy Birthday, Edna Pemberton of school district 6!