Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Lew Blackburn's conflict of interest - PROACT Search and East Baton Rouge Parish School System

The disclosure that Dallas ISD Board President Lew Blackburn applied for the open Superintendent position of East Baton Rouge Schools (43,000 students) which is represented by PROACT Search - the same firm hired on September 20, 2011 to conduct the Superintendent search for Dallas ISD - raises not only conflict of interest but abuse of Trustee Blackburn's position as President of the Board.

This raises a clear conflict of interest but that didn't stop the ambitions of Trustee Blackburn.

There was no official disclosure to the Dallas ISD Board by Trustee Blackburn or PROACT Search. The
application deadline for the Baton Rouge position was December 1, 2011.

The Dallas ISD Superintendent search with PROACT will now have a cloud hanging over it because of the Board President's self-serving conflict of interest.

It now appears the Board President is using the Dallas ISD Superintendent search to campaign for a Superintendent position for himself.

The Dallas ISD Superintendent search is being dragged on too long.

We need a Superintendent - not a Board President seeking to land a Superintendent position for himself at the same time with a school district represented by the same search firm - PROACT Search.

It shouldn't take a year to find a Superintendent for Dallas ISD.

One of the search firms interviewed last September stated they would have a list of candidates for the board to consider in January 2012.  That firm was not chosen.

The Dallas ISD Superintendent search will continue to be tainted by the the Board President's conflict of interest and current campaign to obtain a Superintendent's position for himself.

And the compromising of Dallas ISD will continue.

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