Saturday, November 5, 2011

Dallas ISD Trustees Blackburn, Nutall, Morath - Freedom of Speech if you don't say too much - Makes me want to holler

Public criticism of public servants is certainly not bullying.  Bullying is a very serious issue.

Public criticism is one price of serving in an elected position.  Trustees who abuse their authority are the bullies - not the public.

At Dallas ISD we have Trustees who don't believe in Freedom of Speech or in protecting it.  There would have been no Civil Rights movement in America without Freedom of Speech.

Two African American Trustees, Lew Blackburn and Bernadette Nutall, along with Trustee Mike Morath are again leading the charge to suppress democracy.  Taxpayers will have no freedom of speech if you say too much that offends these Trustees.  They don't care about your rights - they only care about their privileges and power.

Behold the Dallas ISD Trustees - Trustees who are so full of themselves that they trip over their own exaggerated egos.  Taxpayers pay the bills, but you are not welcome to speak at Dallas ISD - unless you don't talk too much.

This same group - Trustees Blackburn, Nutall, Morath, etc. - just restricted the right of a Trustee to pull an item for discussion and a separate vote.  This was done for the same reason - to hide dirty deeds. Trustees don't have to answer for consent agenda votes at election time.

These Trustees don't even respect the rights of the public that elected them.  After the Thursday Board Briefing, Trustee Bernadette Nutall demanded that Dallas ISD security remove Joyce Foreman.  Trustee Nutall abused her authority as Trustee to order that Joyce Foreman be removed.

I was also told by Chief of Staff Claudia Rodriquez that Board President Blackburn had also instructed staff to have Ms. Foreman removed from the horseshoe area where she had come to speak to me - her District 6 Trustee.

Joyce Foreman has served on the Dallas ISD Bond Committee for years and is well known to all. Still, Dallas ISD security was instructed to remove her on Thursday at the request of Trustees Lew Blackburn and Bernadette Nutall.

I am a Trustee and Joyce Foreman was speaking to me - I serve as her Trustee. No Trustee has any more rights than another.  Some trustees seem to think  differently, and their behavior follows.

Yet, Trustee Nutall called for security to remove Joyce Foreman as she spoke with me at the horseshoe. Two Dallas ISD security came over to remove her.  I  objected.

Dallas ISD Trustee behavior is becoming more unethical by the day.

Despicable Board behavior and abuse of authority are increasing.

If you don't respect the public, why are you in public service?

Makes me want to holler.