Wednesday, September 21, 2011

First Wilmer-Hutchins Elementary School parent meeting

Wilmer-Hutchins Elementary School has historic first parent meeting on Tuesday evening at new facility.

Wilmer-Hutchins Elementary School - 9-20-11
Tuesday evening I had the great pleasure of participating in the first meeting with  parents of our students attending  Wilmer-Hutchins Elementary School, located in District 6 in the city of Dallas.  With greetings and  laughter, we celebrated the new school and saluted new opportunities.

I was invited to participate in the parent meeting weeks ago and was extremely pleased to keep that commitment and enjoy the company of an excellent turn-out.  Much like my meeting with potential Wilmer-Hutchins school parents this past spring, the auditorium held parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, siblings and community friends.  

They were an enthusiastic audience of approximately one-third Dallas, one-third Wilmer and one-third Hutchins parents -- as might be expected, along with many Lancaster residents also served by Dallas ISD.  Parents received information about  Title I, TAG, the Essilor Vision Program, Parkland Health Services and Asthma Shared Medical Appointments.

Having exceeded attendance projections of 550, Wilmer-Hutchins Elementary School is already bursting with an enrollment of over 900 students and growing.   Additional facility,  teacher and staff support must come soon.

Parents and staff were welcoming and highly participatory. 

Wilmer-Hutchins Elementary School - 9-20-11
Thanks to Principal Torey Page, teachers and staff for superb, far beyond-the-call work and service in meeting and overcoming the challenges of opening our newest District 6 elementary school.

I was honored to be present and to be the invited speaker at this historic evening-to-remember--the first Wilmer-Hutchins Elementary Parent Meeting at its brand new facility.