Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Boude Storey Middle School community meeting

After enjoying a Welcome Parents Dinner, sponsored by community businesses and supporters and hosted by staff and teachers, proud students guided parents, siblings and guests to the school auditorium.

Here they learned about the 2010-2011 performance and rating of Boude Storey Middle School in the State Accountability System. Parents and community were then introduced to campus strategies for continuous improvement in core subjects and throughout the school.       

Boude Storey Middle School - 9-20-11

It was my honor to lead everyone in making a commitment to three school-wide goals:  1)  Increase academic achievement; 2) Improve school pride and spirit; and 3) Broaden parent and community involvement.

Such community meetings are a requirement of the Texas Education Agency (TEA) with my presence and participation having been planned and scheduled well in advance.

Following the formal presentation, thoughtful  questions and detailed answers revealed parent focus on student safety in the community along with student performance in school..

Parents, teachers and staff led by Principal Dr. Ronald Morris took this opportunity to show support for initiatives that can help Boude Storey Middle School accomplish a successful new school year.