Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Opening Day at Wilmer-Hutchins Elementary and Wilmer-Hutchins High School

Yesterday was a great day at Wilmer-Hutchins Elementary and Wilmer-Hutchins High School.

I arrived before 8:00 A.M. and was able to greet and observe students, parents, teachers and staff on the first day at their brand new school.

All were excited and eager to begin the new school year.  I visited with parents and students from the Dallas area and the adjacent cities of Wilmer and Hutchins.

It was fun  visiting with the kindergarten class below:

Wilmer-Hutchins Elementary School class

Wilmer-Hutchins Elementary  School students were engaged in story time with their new teacher.
Wilmer-Hutchins High School English Class

Wilmer-Hutchins High School eagerly participated at their refurbished new school.

The majority of the students in the Wilmer-Hutchins High School class I visited were from the city of Dallas.

It was a good beginning of a whole new opportunity for students, parents and teachers.