Friday, April 23, 2010

Superintendent Hinojosa exceeds his authority

Superintendent Hinojosa has no authority to commit Dallas ISD to any initiative - public or private - without specific prior Board approval.  

We have seen this before.

On last night we discussed a contract that had been signed and commitments made without Board approval.

We saw this earlier with an item being slipped onto the agenda without knowledge or approval of the Board or the President.

There is a clear pattern ignoring and disregarding the proper oversight authority of the Board.

Only the Dallas ISD Board has the authority to determine appropriate policy changes or initiatives of the District.  The Superintendent's duty is to follow and uphold Board approved decisions.

The Superintendent does not decide when or if charter school partnerships will be expanded in Dallas ISD.  Only the Board can make that decision.

The Board has not approved any such initiative to partner with West Dallas charter schools as apparently announced by the Superintendent on Thursday morning.  Without such official Board approval of such partnerships the Superintendent is again violating the established policies and procedures of the district.

The Superintendent is to recommend - only the Board approves.

What will the Board do about this?

We need a special meeting of the Board to discuss this latest inappropriate action by the Superintendent and determine what action - if any - needs to be taken.

The Superintendent has again exceeded his authority.