Wednesday, April 7, 2010

District 5 candidate files residency complaint

This needs to be resolved in order to avoid potential election problems and unnecessary election expense.

Subject: Board Members Eligibility / Qualifications
From: "Daphene-Smart Price Travel" <>
Date:  Tue, 6 Apr 2010 23:12:23 -0500
To:     deharris
CC:    edwinsflores, jlowe, bparrott, nbingham, cranger, jgarza, amedrano, benutall, lblackburn

Mr. Deno Harris
Director, Board Services
Dallas Independent School District

Dear Mr. Harris

As a candidate for the District 5 Board of Trustees I have a concern regarding Board Members Eligibility/Qualifications in particular the residential status of Trustee Lew Blackburn. Lew Blackburn lists his home address as ..... Dallas, Tx. 75203. It has come to my attention that Mr. Blackburn does own this residence but there is a possibilty that ...... is not his permanent place of  residence. In fact, if my sources are correct Mr. Blackburn's daughter is the current resident ...... Mr. Blackburn is newly married to Mrs ..... Blackburn who resides at ..... Grand Prairie Tx. 75054. Does Mr.Blackburn reside in Grand Prairie with his new bride? I doubt very seriously that the newlyweds are residing at separate residents.

BBA (LEGAL) - C & BBC (LEGAL) - D clearly defines residency term, residence and nonresident. I believe that Mr. Blackburn is in violation as a sitting board member for District 5 and as a candidate for the May 8th election. I am requesting that the permanent residential status of Mr. Blackburn be verified to determine if Mr. Blackburn is in violation of DISD policy. Time is of essence therefore; your immediate attention to this matter would be appreciated. I am requesting that I receive a written response to my concerns in a timely manner.

Daphene Edmond
Candidate for District 5 Board of Trustee