Monday, March 15, 2010

Dallas ISD Budget Hearing

I have requested a budget hearing for District 6.  Details will be completed after staff returns from Spring Break.

Last year during budget discussions I clearly supported the importance of having budget hearings - as I had done before.

Years ago budget hearings were an important part of the budget development process.

Budget hearings are not solely dependent upon an individual Trustee.

The administration can have budget hearings without Trustee involvement.

Any Trustee can also have a budget hearing without the administration's participation in helping to promote it.

In any case during election season,  every effort must be made by elected Trustees who are campaigning to avoid using district resources in a way that might violate the Texas Education Code rules against "electioneering."

I hope to have a District 6 budget hearing at Thurgood Marshall Recreation Center in Oak Cliff as soon as the arrangements can be made.  All will be welcome.