Tuesday, March 9, 2010

2010 Education Summit - TCBSBM

I was pleased to attend the Texas Caucus of Black School Board Members (TCBSBM)  2010 Education Summit on Friday afternoon and Saturday March 5-6, 2010 in Houston, Texas.

There were a number of informative work sessions and discussions:
  • The Difference Between the High School Completion and Dropout Rate
  • College and Career Readiness that affects the public schools you govern
  • Longview ISD Bullying Intervention Plan
  • Keynote Address - Opportunity Lost:  The Dropout Crisis in Black America
  • Take This Job and Love It
  • Bonds and Investments 101: Things A Board Member Needs To Know
  • Dropout Prevention:  Employing Effective Student Discipline and Intervention Techniques - The Legal Requirements
  • Understanding Your School District's Risk Management Program
  • Gifted African American College Students
  • Board Governance
The TCBSBM awarded $1,000 scholarships to five deserving seniors and paid tribute to dedicated teachers throughout the state who help our students learn.

A showcase of the gifts, talent and creative artistry of several middle and high school students was a highlight of the Education Summit.

They reminded us of why we serve.