Sunday, January 3, 2010

Happy New Year!

Here's hoping the holiday break provided deserved rest and fulfillment for all to return invigorated and ready for a new semester in this New Year.

The holidays brought the wonderful gift of running into parents and grandparents, who sparkled like Christmas lights as they spoke of their children's progress and accomplishments. If students were with them, they beamed too, and most were eager to respond when prompted to talk about report cards and school activities.

A special delight was seeing Dallas ISD graduates, home for the holidays. Some told of their struggles and adjustments to college, but each of them showed determination to return or to get into a college closer to home. They showed an awareness and understanding of the importance of staying in school and being persistent. Here's hoping they will.

Chance encounters with teachers and staff was another holiday gift. Dallas ISD is lucky to have many dedicated teachers who care about our youth and love what they are privileged to do with students every day.

When you see school teachers, staff or students, remember they will need your support, which can begin with your thoughts and heartfelt wish for them to have a successful year.