Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Community of concerned citizens, parents and staff come out for Kimball Knights

Thanks to the community of concerned citizens, parents and staff  who attended the discussion at Justin F. Kimball High School this evening.   Thank you for coming out on very short notice and showing that you care. 

Dallas ISD administrators described the proposed instructional program, which includes: 
  • 9th Grade Academy
  • Science,Engineering and Math
  • Informational Technology
  • Partner:  Texas Instruments
  • (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math Magnet Satellite)

There were numerous thoughtful questions.  The audience was both anxious and patient as they listened to answers.

Staff stressed the importance of parent and community support, involvement and volunteers --all welcome and needed in schools at any academic level.

Gratitude to Dallas ISD administration for community meeting arrangements and presentation. 

We all appreciated being greeted by the PTA and directed by the ROTC. 

Finally, our thanks to interim principal Earl Jones, teachers and staff for the kind Kimball hospitality which contributed to this successful community meeting.