Monday, June 29, 2009

Was the board given wrong information on the budget?

At the Thursday, June 25, 2009 Board meeting, I asked what was the last date by which the budget must be approved.

CFO Larry Throm responded, "June 30."

I discovered a slight problem with this answer.  

It is not the same date provided in the Texas Association of School Boards' 2009 Training Manual entitled, "The Board's Role In Adopting A Budget."

On page 4, the Texas Association of School Boards' Training manual states:

Board responsibilities in the adoption process

***Compare budget to goals

***Publish a summary of the district's budget on the district's web site

***Conduct a public meeting to discuss the budget and proposed tax rate

***Allow opportunity for any taxpayer to be present and participate in the budget hearing

***Adopt a final budget no later than August 31

The Board was told it must adopt the budget last week.

The Texas School Board Association states the Board has until August 31.

Something is wrong with this picture.  June 30 is not August 31.

Are both dates correct?