Friday, June 26, 2009

Trustees Blackburn, Price and Garza undermine Dr. John Hope Franklin Elementary School

At last night's Dallas ISD Board meeting, Trustees Lew Blackburn and Ron Price joined with Jerome Garza and others to undermine the John Hope Franklin Elementary School located in District 6.

Trustees Blackburn and Price reached a new low in treachery and petty poltitics. Because of these Trustees, there was no vote on Dr. John Hope Franklin's name. It was ignored.

Instead, Trustees Blackburn and Garza substituted the name 'Wilmer Hutchins Elementary School' - an entirely new recommendation by Trustee Blackburn that violated Board policy to consider. No problem - just waive the Board policy. The school will be located in Dallas - not Wilmer and not Hutchins.

Because of the personal agendas of these two Trustees, the students of this academic community in District 6 will never know the inspiration of Dr. John Hope Franklin, one of the greatest Americans of the last 100 years.

Voting with Trustees Blackburn and Price were Trustees Jerome Garza, Edwin Flores, Nancy Bingham and Jack Lowe.

What was needed is a new beginning, not a return to the past of pain.

Congratulations Trustees Blackburn and Price.

You succeeded in denying a great American and the greatest African American historian of our time a place in the future of the children of Dallas ISD.