Friday, March 27, 2009

International Studies Program at Nolan Estes Plaza is a good idea

The staff recommendation for the implementation of an international studies program at Nolan Estes Plaza is a good concept that should be implemented not merely as a temporary solution to the challenge of Spruce and Samuell but as a permanent enhanced educational study pathway open to all students of Dallas ISD.

This is one of the possibilities previously considered for use of Nolan Estes Plaza in District 6. The facility is already there, available and can easily be adapted for development of an international studies program.

It would be an effective use of the Plaza and could provide all students of Dallas ISD an important new career pathway that broadens their opportunities in our new global economy.

Of course, the International Studies Program could also benefit from the huge development of the Dallas Intermodal Terminal located just 12 miles from downtown Dallas.

Good job to staff members who worked from Monday to Thursday to present this concept.