Tuesday, March 4, 2014

3 Blind Mikes - Mayor Mike Rawlings - Trustee Mike Morath - Superintendent Mike Miles support the radical takeover of Dallas ISD financed by secret rich backers

Citizens of Dallas!

Please do not sign a petition today or any other day that is clearly intended to undermine citizen control of Dallas ISD.

You will end up with an appointed corporate controlled board financed by secret backers and no voice in electing future Trustees.

A power grabbing Mayor Mike Rawlings
An arrogant Dallas ISD Trustee - Mike Morath
A self-serving Superintendent Mike Miles

The 3 blind Mikes all support the most radical power grab in the history of Dallas ISD.

A meddling Mayor Mike Rawlings who doesn't care about unethically interfering in the affairs of a major independent urban (code word) school district.

There is no Mayor in the Texas Education Code. 

Mayor Rawlings has no right and no authority to impose his political agenda on Dallas ISD.

Mike Morath is an arrogant Dallas ISD Trustee who is acting to undermine the governance of the independent school district he was elected to serve, protect and defend.

The self-serving Superintendent Mike Miles never should have been hired. He was assisted by the political interference in Dallas ISD by Mayor Mike Rawlings and others.

Superintendent Mike Miles is the first Superintendent in recent history who is being allowed to openly undermine the Board of Trustees that has the authority to hire and fire the Superintendent.

Superintendent Mike Miles supports this latest effort to replace the elected school Trustees with an appointed Board that will likely be accountable only to the Mayor - not the citizens and taxpayers.

Superintendent Miles should be fired, and he would be if I could vote five times.

The secret group of financial backers is now publicly supported by Mayor Mike Rawlings.

The so-called Support Our Public Schools is an innocent sounding name covering up a nasty reality.

They will take advantage of uninformed citizens who have no understanding of what the paper they sign really means.

It was all to start today (election day) without public awareness

Mayor Mike Rawlings and others should not be allowed to buy the school district and use our students as pawns to create more wrongheaded reform myths.

Corporate school reform has failed over and over again.  Mayor controlled public education invites the worst form of political corruption.

There is no magic bullet in education. There never was.  There never will be. That is clear.

I would support teachers and educators any day over money and power driven corporate reformers who are seeking to make a dollar on the backs of our poor and needy children by privatizing public education and turning it into a profit-making business.
Do Not Sign or Support the following Petition:

Support Our Public Schools (Petition Language) - No!
"I know the purpose of this petition is to request that the Board of Trustees of the Dallas Independent School District appoint a Charter Commission to frame a home-rule school district charter for Dallas ISD. I understand that by signing more than one petition to request the appointment of a Charter Commission for Dallas ISD is prohibited."

What this is really intended to do is to destroy your right to elect Dallas ISD Trustees.