Thursday, June 19, 2014

Judge Carl Ginsberg states Dallas ISD November ballot for home rule school district charter is "inconsistent with reality"

Based on the AFT court hearing on Wednesday, it appears that Judge Carl Ginsberg is likely to issue a temporary injunction against Dallas ISD on Thursday. 

Even if he doesn't, it is clear that civil court Judge Ginsberg has found clear violations of state law requiring members of the District Advisory Committee (DAC) to be elected. 

Judge Ginsberg also pointed out that the notion of rushing a November election is "inconsistent with reality."  Judge Ginsberg was kind.

In other words, a November vote makes no sense at all.

Dallas ISD Trustees are obligated to uphold the state laws and policies of the District.

Since state law was violated, Dallas ISD Trustees should require that the District Advisory Committee election be held in the Fall and make no other appointments until that required process is completed.


Dallas judge calls November home-rule vote unrealistic-Click Here-June 18, 2014-Click Here

"Dallas civil court Judge Carl Ginsberg called the November target date for a district-wide election “inconsistent with reality” given all the deadlines and timetables that must be met.
 "While he has yet to issue a formal ruling, Ginsberg agreed after four hours of testimony Wednesday, saying the evidence “clearly shows that the District-wide Advisory Committee was not assembled according to the law."
"Ginsburg indicated that if he rules in favor of the teachers union, the DISD District-wide Advisory Committee could meet again at the beginning of the fall semester and select its four representatives to the home-rule constitution committee in accordance with state law.
 "The judge agreed, saying some members were there illegally.
"Any hopes to get the Dallas ISD home-rule charter initiative on the ballot for November may have been dashed Wednesday afternoon."

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