Tuesday, May 6, 2014

God created the first teacher on the 8th day and smiled in appreciation

Teachers, thank you for embracing your students and your calling.
God Appreciates Teachers
In Celebration of Teacher Appreciation Week

"On the sixth day, 
God created men and women.
On the seventh day He rested.
Not so much to recuperate,
but to prepare himself for the work
He was going to do on the next day.
For it was on that day - the eighth day -
that He created the first Teacher.

 This Teacher,
though taken from among men and women,
had several significant modifications.
In general,
God made the Teacher more durable than other men and women.
He made the Teacher tough ...
but gentle too.
Into the Teacher God poured a generous amount of patience.
He gave the Teacher
a heart bigger than the average human heart.
And He gave the Teacher
an abundant supply of hope.

When God finished creating the Teacher,
He stepped back and admired the work of his hands.
And God saw that the Teacher was good.
Very good!
And God smiled,
for when He looked at the Teacher,
He saw into the future.
He was placing the future into the hands of the Teacher.

And because God loves Teachers so much, on the ninth day God created "snow days."
from Words To Warm A Teachers Heart