Saturday, March 8, 2014

Mayor Mike Rawlings hostile takeover of Dallas ISD is now confirmed by citizens

3 sources say home rule was pitched with Dallas mayor running schools-Matthew Haag-DMN-3-8-14

"The three people, who agreed to speak to The Dallas Morning News on the condition of anonymity, said that in recent conversations, Morath and Rawlings mentioned replacing the district’s publicly elected board with appointed members.

It is orchestrated. I hate to see stuff that’s not grass roots being portrayed as it is,” said a former city official whom the mayor recruited unsuccessfully to endorse the effort. “They should be straightforward that they are coming after the trustees.”


This is the way it always works.  Things planned in secret cannot stand the light of day. Sunshine has a way of revealing the truth.

Take a look an article the morning newspaper by education reporter Matthew Haag. 

It clearly shows the intention to promote a takeover of Dallas ISD by Mayor Mike Rawlings. That was always the agenda and it remains the agenda.

Listen to the double talk: "The Mayor has decided that “proposing a specific change in governance was not the right way to go.”

Yet, citizens are being pre-sold on the Mayoral takeover of public schools. 

Citizens would give up their right to vote and the Mayor becomes dictator of Dallas ISD. Trustee would be appointed. Voters would no longer elect Trustees.

That was the agenda all along. 

You will have decades of Mayoral control.

Mayoral control of public education is the worst idea in public education. Where it exists, it has been proven that it solves nothing.

So this is certainly not about having a conversation. 

It is about control of the school system by the Mayor.

Citizens are simply pawns in a game that has already been decided.

Don't let anybody fool you. 

The Mayor wants to get total control of Dallas ISD for his political agenda.

Do not sign this petition.

The whole truth is not being told.

"Mayor Mike Rawlings and Dallas ISD trustee Mike Morath have denied they’re seeking any specific results in supporting an effort to overhaul the school system.

Yet three people who have been briefed on the initiative said they were told the goals include establishing a different system of governing the district, perhaps under the mayor’s oversight.

Rawlings said in a written statement Friday that he has decided that “proposing a specific change in governance was not the right way to go.”

“I spoke with several leaders about this issue before I endorsed Support Our Public Schools, and a lot of potential changes to the charter were discussed,” he said." (Dallas Morning News)