Saturday, November 2, 2013

Texas Association of School Boards Fall Legal Seminar held in Austin

In addition to providing a number of services , TASB Legal Services designs seminars to help member school districts advance public education.  School Board members, administrators and attorneys are offered a variety of information and training sessions. 

The TASB Fall Legal Seminar this week-end in Austin covered several topics from   “When good Employees Go Bad” to recent Legislative and Legal Updates.

Also included were informative and for me, confirming discussions about the Texas Open Meetings Act (OMA), which was established to “ensure the public’s access to meetings of governmental bodies so that it has the opportunity to be informed concerning the transactions of public business.”

I have often expressed concerns about following the Texas Open Meetings Act. Training at the TASB Legal Seminar provided helpful Texas Open Meetings Act reminders.

Texas ISD representatives from small to large school districts attended the TASB Fall Seminar facilitated by TASB Legal Services staff. 

Thanks to TASB Legal Services for providing quality educational training about legal developments that influence and affect public schools in Texas.