Tuesday, October 29, 2013

John Leslie Patton, Jr. Academic Center hosts Title 1 Community meeting

Patton Academic Center Faculty and Staff

Persisting -- Stick to It! was the message guests read on the marquee at the John Leslie Patton, Jr. Academic Center as they arrived for the Title I Community Meeting at Nolan Estes Plaza this evening.  Available copies of The Lion’s Roar campus newsletter also reminds students that persistence is a trait of successful people and encourages persevering in a task to completion. 

The Patton Academic Center serves our over-age high school students, up to age 21, who desire to graduate from high school. 

The June 2013 Patton class proudly marched 86 graduates -- 82 of these graduates were accepted into either a four or two year college or training school.

Unfortunately, as educational bureaucracy goes, the state evaluated Patton on only 39 students, though they graduated 86.

Focusing on Punctuality, Responsibility, Initiative, Determination and Excellence or PRIDE, the Patton Academic Center met Standards for Student Performance. 

A significant note -- 63.5% of students at the Patton Academic Center are mobile.  In other words, regularly or nightly these students have no reliable place to lay their heads. Yet, through this and other severe hardships and challenges, they persist.  Their stories, actions and attitudes are inspirational.

Thank you, Patton Academic Center teachers, staff and administration.  Your own persistence, dedication, and belief in this population of students helps them to persevere.  It is clear -- they depend on you.  Even more, they appreciate you.  

Principal Dwain Simmons provides campus leadership at the John Leslie Patton, Jr. Academic Center where they are helping students develop with persistence.