Saturday, February 23, 2013

Save Texas Schools Rally held in Austin, Texas

The 'Save Texas Schools" Rally was held on the steps of the State Capitol in Austin, Texas, Saturday, February 23, 2013. It was a good day, and supporters of Texas public education gathered again to call for legislative support of public schools.

Former Texas Commissioner of Education Robert Scott speaks at the "Save Texas Schools" Rally

Robert Scott said, “I had to turn in my reformer card because I looked at it as a flea circus. They are selling two ideas and two ideas only: No. 1, your schools are failing, and No. 2, if you give us billions of dollars, we can convince you [of] the first thing we just told you.”

Former Texas Commissioner of Education Robert Scott

Diane Ravitch  speaks at the "Save Texas Schools" Rally

Diane Ravitch said, “The testing vampire started here,” meaning NCLB. “Kill it.” ... "You have heard that our public schools are failing. It is not true."

Dr. Frederick Douglas Haynes III of Dallas speaks at "Save Texas Schools" Rally - "Education Not Incarceration."

Dr. Frederick Douglas Haynes III of Dallas
Dr. Frederick Douglas Haynes III, Senior Pastor of Friendship West Baptist Church, Dallas, Texas

Citizens gathered to "Save Texas Schools."


State Senator Kirk Watson
“When our kids make a mistake, we expect them to fix it. When our kids have an assignment to do, we don’t let them procrastinate. When our kids have a test, we expect them to show up and do well. It’s time to demand as much from this legislature as we demand from a child.”

Parents, Teachers, Students Rally for More School Funding and Less Testing-Texas Observer-February 24, 2013

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