Friday, October 26, 2012

Zan Wesley Holmes Jr. Middle School Dedication - Dallas ISD

 Rev. and Mrs. Zan Wesley Holmes, Jr., Principal Barbara Moham and students

Celebrating the school named 'Zan' ...

Students watched in their digital classrooms, giving way for family and community to sit in the auditorium.  Everyone was tuned in to the dedication program of the Legendary Zan Wesley Holmes, Jr. Middle School.

A Dallas legend, Rev. Zan Wesley Holmes, Jr. humbly watched and listened while community participants expressed appreciation for "Zan's" service and as former students reflected on what his caring spirit, generosity and support meant in their lives.   Their remarks were authentic; their testimonies were moving.  Combined they provided an historical and personal chronology of the creation and development of a legacy.

Wife Carrie and great granddaughter Savannah, along with dozens of family members from Texas, Washington D.C. and California were present.  They were overjoyed to experience the outpouring of  love, gratitude and honors for the man -- the brother, uncle, cousin -- affectionately called "Zan."

The dedication focused on Rev. Holmes' long-time relationship with Dallas ISD which dates back to 1967 when he wrote his Master's degree thesis on the first African American Trustee elected to the Dallas school board - Dr. Emmett J. Conrad.

In 1971 Rev. Holmes was appointed by Federal Judge William Mack Taylor to be the first Chair of the Tri-Ethnic Committee established to help navigate Dallas through the first turbulent years of school desegregation.

In 1991, Gov. Ann Richards appointed Rev. Holmes the first African-American to serve on The University of Texas Board of Regents, a position he held until 1997.

Thanks to the community for your presence and participation in dedicating our new Dallas ISD middle school and for paying tribute to its namesake and legend, Rev. Zan Wesley Holmes, Jr.

Congratulations -- students, Principal Barbara Moham, faculty and staff. We wish you much success in your environmentally green school and in the many innovations you are exploring and implementing to achieve excellence in teaching and learning.

The Legendary Zan Wesley Holmes, Jr. Middle School --
dedicated and celebrated!

Zan Wesley Holmes, Jr. family on casual tour - Saturday,10-27-12