Tuesday, May 15, 2012

National Education Policy Center research on movement to privatize public education

"A lot of my current research has to do with the movement to privatize public education. This involves things like charter schools, even online charter schools, vouchers, tuition tax credits ..."
"There are very strong forces at work that are taking traditional public education and turning it into private and often quasi private and even profit-making ventures. And In my view these changes have not been beneficial - particularly to lower income families and children. I have a longstanding interest in issues of equity and they seem to be more serious now than they have ever been."  -- Gene V. Glass

National Education Policy Center Fellow Gene V Glass - University of Colorado at Boulder

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Gene V Glass is currently a Senior Researcher at the National Education Policy Center and a Regents' Professor Emeritus from Arizona State University. Trained originally in statistics, his interests broadened to include psychotherapy research, evaluation methodology, and policy analysis. He was twice (1968, 1970) honored with the Palmer O. Johnson award of the American Educational Research Association; and in 1984, he received the Paul Lazarsfeld Award of the American Evaluation Association. He is a recipient of the Cattell Award of the Society of Multivariate Experimental Psychology. His work on meta-analysis of psychotherapy outcomes (with M.L. Smith) was named as one of the Forty Studies that Changed Psychology in the book of the same name by Roger R. Hock (1999). His Ph.D. was awarded by the University of Wisconsin, Madison, in educational psychology with a minor in statistics.