Thursday, May 26, 2011

Why were large Houston area financial contributions made to Trustee Blackburn in 2010?

Superintendent Michael Hinojosa made the following significant statement in Cobb County, Georgia this week:

On hot-button issues, Hinojosa said, "there's going to be an elaborate discussion. Right now, the national funders are pushing Dallas to be involved in charters. I told them, 'I don't mind having a conversation, but I am not going to push this if my board doesn't want to go there.' My board. A body corporate. A majority of the board."

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The Marietta Daily Journal - Hinojosa I will listen to the people 

Why would persons outside Dallas make the following contributions to Trustee Blackburn who works for a charter school and who in 2008 served as Superintendent of Lynn Acre Academy Charter School?  Click Here!

  • $500.00 - 4-12-10 - Houston, Texas - Raquel O. Williams
  • $500.00 - 4-29-10 - Houston, Texas - MJLM Wealth Solutions 
  • $500.00 - 4-29-10 - Houston, Texas - Franklin D. Jones, Jr.
  • $500.00 - 4-29-10 - Houston, Texas - Tyrone P. Dorian
  • $500.00 - 4_2-10 - Houston, Texas - William F. Burge, III
  • $5000.00 - 4-29-10 - Missouri City, Texas - Tracey Medlock
  • $2500.00 - 4-29-10 - Missouri City, Texas - David L. Medford
  • $1000.00 - 4-29-10 - Houston, Texas - Christus N. Powell, Jr.
  • $1000.00 - 4-29-10 - Missouri City, Texas - Mourhaf Sabouni
The total is $12,000 - all contributed in 2010 from in and around Houston, Texas right before the election.


Does it have anything to do with the charter school push in Dallas ISD that Superintendent Hinojosa mentioned this week in Georgia?

Strange that so many Houston area contributors would take such a strong financial interest in a Dallas ISD School Trustee race in the African American community.

I don't believe this has ever happened before.