Thursday, October 1, 2009

Soaring Eagles at Erasmo Seguin Elementary win US Gold

Deputy Under Secretary Dr. Janey Thornton (U.S. Dept. of Agriculture) was in Dallas yesterday for one very good reason -- to present the HealthierUS School Gold Certification to students and staff of Erasmo Seguin Elementary School.

During a special ceremony, parents and friends heard high praise for the cafeteria team and its collaboration with faculty and staff to provide good nutrition, play and instruction to develop healthy bodies and minds.

Erasmo Seguin, the first  of 157 Dallas elementary schools to receive the HealthierUS School Gold Certification, is in a unique class.  Deputy Under Secretary Thornton said that only about 600 elementary schools in the country have ever received the Gold award.  Winning this ultimate achievement  is not easy -- it was the result of a year-long examination and evaluation process in which children were to "eat smart" and "play hard."  

To show how eager and committed they are to healthy eating and living, children had fun performing an original skit and song that showed parents and guests the benefits of  good food and play.  

Thanks to Erasmo Seguin cafeteria manager and staff for undertaking this tedious process and for introducing our students to more fruits, vegetables, whole grains, less sugar and less salt. Thanks to faculty and staff for your excellent team and classroom work for nutrition and health.

Much appreciation to Dallas ISD Food & Child Nutrition for handling and submitting the lengthy application -- it was a recipe for success.  

Congratulations Principal Yolanda Thompson and students on this USDA Gold Certification for the Exemplary Erasmo Seguin Elementary School.