Sunday, September 10, 2006

The Seven R’s Pledge

I will honor my history by living by the social conduct of my foreparents.

I vow to make the place where I live and learn better than the way I found it.

I vow to live a RELIGIOUS life always seeking to do what is morally right and good.

I will RESPECT my parents, teachers, and other elders in the community and, in so doing, I will respect myself and my peers.

I will take RESPONSIBILITY for my conduct to give of my talents, my knowledge, and my skills to make the world a better place to live.

I will RESTRAIN myself from doing anything wrong that would embarrass my family, my school, , my community, or myself.

I will live in RECIPROCITY. I will give back in kindness that which I have received because this is the only way to the good life.

I will live in the RHYTHM of oneness and wholeness with the universe, always creating oneness, joy, and peace in the environment in which I live.

I will live a life of REDEMPTION, recognizing that life always offers a second chance to redeem the mistakes of the past.

I will live the “Seven R’s” in my daily life because I will shape history. I will decide the future, and I will take my people to the victorious shores of our destiny.
-Nurturing Young Black Males