Thursday, April 10, 2014

Texas Association of School Boards President issues statement on Dallas home-rule charter school district

Texas Association of School Boards (TASB) President  Faye Beaulieu issued the following statement that appeared on March 27, 2014 in The Dallas Morning News:

Elected school boards work best

"In recent days, community leaders in Dallas ISD have allowed their frustration with what they know about the performance in their local schools to push them toward a drastic change in local governance. Those at the helm would put before the public the opportunity to sign a petition to replace the current nine-member elected Board of Trustees that manages the district with a 15-member appointed board not subject to public election or many of the Texas Education Code’s mandates. Five percent of the district’s registered voters must sign the petition to kick-start the change, and then 25 percent must participate in the November general election on the proposed new system.
Rather than stand down an elected board, can we work toward a relationship where the city and the ISD figure out how to support each other? Can the city partner with the district to maximize available resources? Can the district help the city accomplish its goals to continue to attract new business and tourism?

I urge you to look hard at the forces that would call you to “support our public schools,” and make sure their tactics are indeed in everyone’s best interests. Publicly elected school board members, accountable to those they govern, offer the best oversight for local school districts."

Faye Beaulieu, president, Texas Association of School Boards, Bedford
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